8 kwietnia, 2022

[Press release] Demolish & Build 3 drops the first trailer!

Demolish & Build 3 drops the first trailer. The new building simulator will hit PC and consoles

Demolish & Build 3, a physics-based simulator of a construction and demolition company will debut on PC and consoles in 2023. As the creators explain, this is a fresh start for the series. The new version offers an authorial, very advanced demolition system and extensive management options. Demolish & Build 3 will hit PC first, then PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Demolish Games S.A., which is currently working on a stealth action game World War II: Underground is both the developer and publisher of Build & Demolish 3.

Demolish & Build 3 is a realistic simulator, where a player takes the role of the head of a demolition company. The gameplay is focused on carrying out both demolition and construction work around different buildings, as well as managing and expanding the company. The creators have prepared a vast array of tools and construction vehicles, for various types of work. The likes of a good old hammer, excavators and large cranes are sure to appear.

“It’s a new start for the series. In Demolish & Build 3 we offer players a new quality. The game is much better and much more detailed than the previous titles. Just to name some of them, we have prepared a realistic demolition system; work with heavy machinery, which accurately reflects how it’s being operated in real life; and all of this balanced between playability and realism” – said Paweł Dywelski, CEO, Demolish Games S.A.

Another important gameplay element, besides the construction and demolition works, will be the company management. The player will buy the equipment by themself, hire employees and assign them tasks, as well as take care of the expansion of the company’s headquarters. Executing orders will allow for the further development of the company. As they progress the player will gain access to more complicated and challenging tasks.

The new game from Demolish Games S.A. offers an authorial demolition system. According to creators, every fragment is composed of a specific material with its own parameter regarding resistance to damage of a specific type. The individual objects are physically connected to each other, which means that they will be subjected to realistic pressure forces. As a result, the structures will additionally influence each other. In practice, the system is based on physics, which gives the demolition process a very realistic character.

“One side of Demolish & Build 3 lets the player run and develop the company, and the other allows them to independently carry out construction and demolition works, for example, handle a hammer in their hand or control an excavator. Players will be able to fully realize their destructive and building desires” – said Paweł Dywelski.

Demolish & Build 3 – main features:

  • building and demolition simulator;
  • realistic system of destruction;
  • tools and large machines;
  • running and developing a company;
  • randomly generated missions;
  • hiring and managing employees;
  • various locations.

The release date of Demolish & Build 3 is initially slated for 2023. The game will be first released on PC (Steam), with versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, coming on later.



Demolish Games S.A. is a Polish company founded in 2020 and based in Warsaw. The main goal of the company is to produce and publish video games, mainly simulators. Demolish Game S.A.’s portfolio includes, among others, Demolish & Build series. The company is a part of the Ultimate Games group.